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Aug 30, 2009 8:30am EDT
us to take the hit for the state, basically, i think that's wrong. >> reporter: across town, employees at maryland's court system and the employees who work for the state legislature, including legislators themselves are exempt from all the budget slashing. not going over well with people like darrell brown who helps print refund checks at the treasuries. >> they make way more money than we do, and we do the work in the treasury. we keep the state rollin'. you know, we always have to take the hit. i don't really think it's fair. >> reporter: it may not be fair, but it's the law. >> all in favor signal by saying i. >> reporter: the gch has no control -- governor has no control over or legislative budgets, but legislators do. speaker of the house mike bush says he'll voluntarily take a 10-day pay cut and expects other legislators to do the same. a spokesperson for the court system says administrators there are studying the situation. the cuts made today include $211 million to counties which use the money from everything to paying police to paving roads. layoffs of local emplo
Aug 9, 2009 8:30am EDT
the home of former school board president. >> reporter: these incidents have drawn us much closer together. >> reporter: december 10th meeting was a love fest compared to what happened following the fire that destroyed this apartment building on adamsville road 40 days earlier. >> it took four attempts to get the right combination of hose and fire hydrants. >> reporter: after weeks of public finger pointing, they sat side by side generally agreeing they had a handle on the problem with a memorandum of energy to check hydrants and water flow. >> so there is adequate fire flow. >> reporter: he presented findings saying there was one occupied portion of the city with serious water flow problems. >> to improve maintenance and standards. >> reporter: the fire department never presented nor a discussion about a report that it paid for. it said the condition of the tr highly quesonem asfrtituuc s leb the ly questionable due to agd $pa0012id ,0 tyto paid $,0 former fire chief jay gordon rattily for the report. information that 9news now was aware of in 2007 and has again verified with sou
Aug 16, 2009 8:30am EDT
neighborhoods and building were a mystery until now. our digital correspondent tells us where they are and explains what it means in this 9 news new exclusive. >> reporter: north of georgetown university, 29th and p, 1300 block of upper street northwest, 23 in wyoming northwest, taylor street northeast, catholic university and trinity university all locations that the d.c. water and sewer authority and the fire department have identified over the last two years where there have been concerns about water. >> you live right there. i think that would be a big issue. >> reporter: just because the neighborhood is on the list of 34 locations doesn't mean it has an inadequate water supply, similar to what happened when firefighters tried to fight the blaze two weeks ago at the home of the former school board president. that is only one reason a area is on the list. >> it could be a hydrant locations, gallons per minute flow issues, access, geography, topography. >> reporter: the reason they have the list is to prevent what happened. knowing ahead of time means firefighters have plans in place
Aug 23, 2009 8:30am EDT
hydrants and they are unable to use rate payers money to fix hydrants on private property. but on nebraska, these are public hydrant. two over a half mile stretch recently testified flow less than 500 gallons of water a minute. similar low flow hydrants created a problem at the ho of peggy co erbu. t that nsmaioiois small compared to nebraska avenue. lot at this -- look at this. >> by the way, there are hydrants inside some of the complexes like homeland security that have not been flow tested and general help run off -- generally run off the same main as the city hydrants. many of the buildings have sprinkler systems. the fire department recommend to wasa that it increase the flow standards and supply 2,000 gallons per minute in a 500- foot driving distance of the buildings we just showed you. >>> maryland national research police have gone undercover trying to put an end to sexual meetings at a park in the county. police say it has become a popular spot for increasingly bold lewd acts, apparently fueled by the internet. we are following developments in the wake of eight arrests. >> watch
Aug 2, 2009 8:30am EDT
. tax office. they could use in whatever they find in the struggle with mounting budget deficits. there is a public aubz in the make and the d.c. treasury will rt the benefit. orte>>r: this is part of the loot collected by harriet walters and her co-conspirators in her near $50 million theft from the tax and revenue office. a tonnage of conspicuous consumption items found in her house. some had new tags on them. she hadn't even used them. >> reporter: luxury vehicles and expensive properties and mill yoons of dollars in high-end clothes, are now stored in the u.s. marshall's warehouse awaiting auction for the proceeds going back to taxpayers. >> another key property was the house. why do you suppose the lights are still on aftershi tr: shi t time? who is paying the electricity bill. >> reporter: harriet walters is serving a 17.5-year prison sentence. her 19 aaccomplices are also incarcerated. prosecutors say much of the cash has been spent, but a few million dollars was recovered from one bank account. that money and the for fitted profit now belong to the d.c. government. counci
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5